Fusion Electrical WA installs and maintains irrigation systems for agricultural clients in the South West of WA.  We have decades of experience developing irrigation solutions that improve yield on your property, and make life easier for you in the long term.

Getting water to your crops at just the right time is crucial to a successful harvest. Our irrigation experts ensure your system is performing optimally and efficiently, so crops receive the crucial water they require, while you save more on your power.

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Irrigation experts in the South West

With more than 20 years of experience, our irrigation specialists have serviced properties in the Margaret River, Dunsborough, Busselton and Augusta regions. Our team is backed by decades of knowledge, and understand the challenges faced by agricultural properties in the region.

Irrigation technology has evolved significantly over the past decade, and we only adopt the most efficient and durable systems. As a result, you receive an irrigation system that is reliable and optimises return on your investment.

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Irrigation pumps and the benefits of VSDs

  • Our irrigation technicians have the capabilities to service all of your pump requirements, from fault finding and repairs to supply, installation and maintenance.
  • We specialise in Variable Speed Drives (VSDs), which enable pumps to achieve varying flow rates and pressure set points.
  • VSDs have revolutionised irrigation pump systems, as they massively reduce energy costs and have a large operating bandwidth.
  • New VSD technology also offers pump protection features that safeguard against pump failure.

Flow switch protection

  • If a water flow failure were to occur, a flow switch acts immediately to protect your pump. We recommend installing a flow switch for maximum protection.
  • We stock a wide range of flow switches, and can recommend a setup for your operation.
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2-phase power supply with 3-phase benefits

  • Many agricultural pumps only have a 480V 2-phase power supply, which has a number of performance limitations.
  • We overcome these by using a custom variable speed drive, which allows us to power a 415V 3-phase pump from a 2-phase power supply.
  • As a result, you get the benefits of a 3-phase pump, including variable flow rate, run to pressure set point and lower energy and maintenance costs.

Irrigation Controllers

  • We are experienced with installing, repairing and maintaining irrigation controllers and field wiring.
  • Our team has solutions for ageing conventional solenoid and two wire network systems, which improve connectivity and lower repair costs.
  • We also provide remote connectivity options, which use a data connection or mobile phone data.
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Solar pump systems

A solar pump system is an energy efficient solution, that will lower your ongoing energy costs and carbon emissions.

They are also an excellent solution for pumps in remote locations, where it can be complex and costly to power them.

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For more information about our irrigation services, or to discuss your irrigation requirements, please get in touch. We can recommend a reliable solution that ensures your irrigation system runs smoothly and reliably.