Vasse Felix – Bottling Line Upgrade


Outline of Scope of Works

With an ageing bottling line that required a lot of operators at the unit, the aim was to replace almost all of the line components with equipment that was more automated and time-saving.

After the old equipment was decommissioned and removed safely, installation of cable tray, pre cabling to future equipment positions and upgrades to lighting all had to be achieved before an application of a new non-slip floor sealant.

Once the new equipment was in place, stainless steel service tubes were installed for power, data, air and water requirements to equipment. After connection, testing and pre-commissioning had been completed overseas technicians assisted for the final commissioning phase and testing.

Project Obstacles to Overcome

An extensive amount of planning, thought and scheduling to meet the time deadline requirements of the client. Bottling commitments, overseas technicians and the coordination of various trades all had to be taken into account, This was achieved by prioritising scope whilst remaining flexible through the project progression.

Fusion Innovation

As the new bottling line would require fewer operators the client requested options for emergency shut downtime entire line to limit safety risks. The solution proposed and then installed was a separate switchboard for only the bottling line equipment supplied by a 45Kw connector controlled by 5 emergency stop buttons around the bottling line.